Business Ethical Standards

» Northland Cold Storage shall comply with all laws and regulations. We will be honest in all dealings with our workforce, our customers, and our vendors.

» Northland Cold Storage shall strive to treat our workforce, our customers, and our vendors with dignity and respect.

» Northland Cold Storage will never make a business or hiring decision based on race, ethnicity, or religious affiliations.

» Northland Cold Storage is a multi-generational family business. As such, we shall strive to consider the positive or negative impact of our business decisions on others.

Our customers say

It is indeed nice working with accommodating, understanding, and bright people. You and your team just make everything easy. Your accuracy and memory is commendable as well.

Wa Meng Lee

Northland Cold Storage has been our cold storage choice for multiple years. They provide an excellent temperature controlled environment, accurate inventories and EXCEPTIONAL customer service. Very efficient on all inbound and outbound loads. We definitely appreciate the working relationship we have built over the years!

MaryBeth Yonke

Leach Farms, Inc.
Northland Cold Storage is nothing but the best. Good People, helpful, accurate. They care about their facility and it shows!"

Jodie Keith

Ocean Spray - Wisconsin Rapids