Temperature Controlled Storage Solutions

Vendor Managed Inventory

Companies with a focus on lean manufacturing rely heavily on their vendors to deliver raw materials and supplies on a just-in-time schedule. That's were Northland Cold Storage's vendor managed inventory programs come in. With frequent changes in production schedules, Northland Cold Storage is relied upon to pick and ship a multitude of products from numerous vendors' inventories to one manufacturing or processing facility within only hours of the request from the production floor.

Rapid Defrost

Often times used in conjunction with vendor managed inventory programs, Northland Cold Storage has the systems and equipment in place to rapidly defrost frozen product, bringing it to temperatures necessary for further processing.

Rapid Freezing

We can offer a specialized room with extremely high air velocity to rapidly freeze warm product.

Backorder Fulfillment

Northland Cold Storage offers specially designed processes to handle the receipt of product and immediate filling of standing back-orders, all while maintaining complete product tracking. Our advanced warehouse management and scheduling systems allow shipments of product to be scheduled long before the product is in our facility.

LTL Consolidation Facilities

In conjunction with our Freight Services division, we provide a single consolidation point for product originating in central and eastern Wisconsin for re-delivery anywhere in the lower 48 states. Customers can deliver small orders to our Consolidation Warehouse, or our freight division can arrange for pick up and delivery to our facility.

Isolated Storage Rooms

We offer several small, temperature controlled storage rooms capable of being used for storage of extremely delicate, odor sensitive, light sensitive, or allergenic commodities. Often times our customers find these rooms useful for product that requires changes in temperature during the storage cycle.

Leased Production and Storage Facilities

Call for availability. Storage areas as small as 4,000 square feet and up to 70,000 square feet are regularly leased, including USDA approved production and AIB approved storage space.

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Cold Comfort

Cold Storage Services

Northland Cold Storage is BBB accredited as well asĀ AIB "Superior" certified and offers several key services to meet your temperature-controlled storage needs. We treat your product as our own and ensure your experience is enjoyable and worry free.

Why Northland Cold Storage?

We are a proud team of cold storage and cold freight specialists whose passion for doing it right results in personalized, smart solutions for every customer.
We treat your product as our own and ensure your experience is enjoyable and worry free.
We are BBB accredited as well as AIB certified and offer several key services to meet your temperature-controlled storage needs.
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Our customers say

It is indeed nice working with accommodating, understanding, and bright people. You and your team just make everything easy. Your accuracy and memory is commendable as well.

Wa Meng Lee

Northland Cold Storage has been our cold storage choice for multiple years. They provide an excellent temperature controlled environment, accurate inventories and EXCEPTIONAL customer service. Very efficient on all inbound and outbound loads. We definitely appreciate the working relationship we have built over the years!

MaryBeth Yonke

Leach Farms, Inc.
Northland Cold Storage is nothing but the best. Good People, helpful, accurate. They care about their facility and it shows!"

Jodie Keith

Ocean Spray - Wisconsin Rapids
Northland Cold Storage has been vital to our success in being able to meet our ever-changing customer demand. Northland Cold Storage is a great long-term partner!"

Jon Kallies

Sartori Cheese