Northland Freight Services Questions & Answers

Is Northland Freight Services a trucking company?

Yes, and no. NFS does carry cargo insurance, but doesn't own any trucks. NFS is similar to a brokerage, but offers significantly more service than a freight broker, including some of the new online dot-com's. For instance, NFS confirms pickup and delivery appointments, and manages all claims as well as paying the carrier in a timely manner.

The most unique parts of NFS are its load consolidation and optimization services, and its dedicated, service oriented core fleet of carriers. The service goal of NFS is to allow our customers one-stop / one-call service. We make headaches go away!

Does NFS specialize in refrigerated freight?

Less than truckload consolidation of refrigerated freight makes up the largest part of our business. NFS also does truckload refrigerated, dry and frozen freight delivering anywhere in the U.S.

What states are covered by NFS's refrigerated distribution services?

The entire continental United States.

How does NFS consolidate loads?

Two ways. First, the primary consolidation point for refrigerated freight is our 2490 South Broadway dairy distribution center. The Northland Cold Storage distribution center handles in excess of 2,000,000 pounds of refrigerated product per week, shipping all over the country. NFS plays a significant role in consolidating and routing the less than truckload orders, as well as the full truckload orders.

In addition to the orders being assembled and shipped via the Northland Cold Storage distribution programs, numerous NFS customers simply cross dock their pre-assembled orders to take advantage of the huge freight savings versus traditional less than truckload shipping.

What are the shipping/delivery schedules?

Most NFS shipments from the Northland Cold Storage distribution center occur on Fridays with deliveries being made Monday and Tuesday of the following week.

What is your holiday schedule?

Please see our Holiday Schedule for days we are closed this year.