Northland Freight Policies

The following apply to all TL and LTL freight tendered to NFS

    • Fuel Surcharge: Surcharge is based on the National Average Fuel Price in effect at time of shipment and will be billed as a percentage and shown as a separate line item in the NFS freight invoice on LTL orders. Truckload fuel surcharge is based on per mile basis.
    • Weekly Retail On-Highway Diesel Prices.
  • Driver Handling/Lumper Charges: All handling/lumper charges incurred will be added to the NFS freight invoice and documented via receipts.
  • Detention: Two (2) hours free time per pickup/delivery address, $100.00 per hour thereafter, billed in ¼ hour increments.
  • Layover: $450.00 charge.
  • Reconsignment: $65.00 per occurrence, plus any additional mileage.
  • Payment Terms: Net 15 days (from date invoice is received).
  • Freight Claims: Claims are to be filed directly with NFS within 9 months from date of occurrence. Deducting from a NFS freight bill for shortage/damage is not permitted. NFS reserves the right to request additional documentation from shipper and/or consignee when investigating filed claims. CLAIMS FOR SHORTAGE OR DAMAGE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED WHEN OUR DRIVERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO OBSERVE THE UNLOADING.
  • Weekend Delivery: Saturday or Sunday delivery additional $300.00 (only if driver with hours available to do this).

The following apply only to LTL shipments:

  • Minimum Order Size: 5,000 pounds (gross).
  • Pallet Density Rule: Total pallet positions occupied by order x 1,700 gross pounds equals minimum billing weight (if order only occupies 1 pallet spot, number one rule above applies).
  • Late Delivery Penalties: Due to the nature of multi-stop LTL deliveries, NFS cannot be responsible for any late delivery charges imposed by destination/consignee.

The following apply only to TL shipments:

  • Pallets: NFS carriers will not exchange pallets due to the nature of our backhauls.
  • Truck Ordered/Not Used Charge: $350.00.

Return charges per incident:

  • Quoted based on availability.